Rescue and emergency response incidents generate profound emotional responses. To help responders and rescuers during and after an incident structured reflection and group processing can be a critical element to help maintain good mental health.



The training introduces a basic progression to help guide organizations through the initial individual contacts with those affected by incidents. It helps coordinators, colleagues and co-workers recognize the signs of individuals struggling with the impact of missions, accidents and emergencies. 



The training uses an experiential approach drawing on real events to help learn and practice the methodology and skills. The 6-hour training focuses on guiding participants through a progression of activities that advance groups through reflective exercises without judgment or bias. 

Role play is a critical element in practicing the skills - the program balances this with structured feedback and progressive reviews that build the familiarity and confidence in taking the lead role in CISM.



This Training is targeted at Managers, First Responders and Emergency Service Providers.

The CISM training introduces the skills for peer support post incident - reducing the emotional impacts the many responders face alone.



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