Moose Mutlow, an award-winning nationally-recognized Family Liaison Officer, is now offering training for those wanting to become a certified FLO.  Moose has been the Coordinator and Lead Trainer for Family Liaison Officer Program in Yosemite National Park since 2006 and helps coordinate the Swift-water Rescue team.  Moose is a trained educator and has worked around the world in traditional and alternative education projects.



Managing critical incidents in a timely and focused manner is essential in ensuring good risk management and safe operations.

While a mission is underway an often overlooked and ignored component is appropriate management of associated family and friends. Early active management of this group ensures

·      Clear communication

·      Reduces potential conflict and distractions

·      Insulates rescue teams and incident command

·      Builds the initial foundation for trust and respect during and post-accident.

The Family Liaison Officer training builds the fundamental awareness and skills to actively manage individuals and groups during an incident that are either on scene or remote.  



Through a practiced methodology the training offers a basic framework to help support and guide family and friends through the process of search and rescue; providing them the separation from the physical mission itself but ensuring clear and timely communication through choreographed meetings and conversations.

The training covers the practicalities of sharing information, managing stressful situations, notification process and transitions.

Click here to see a sample training Family Liaison Training schedule.



The training uses an experiential approach drawing on real events to help learn and practice the methodology and skills. The 6-hour module builds the awareness around the needs of people during crisis and offers the opportunity to practice the skills, and progression through role-play and review of past incidents.

The training critically maps out the challenge of understanding the difference between Liaison and Advocate – helping to establish a professional empathetic approach that provides appropriate support without creating dependence.

The CISM component introduces the skills for peer support post incident- reducing the long term emotional impacts that many responders experience alone.



This Training is targeted at Civilian and Agency Emergency Managers, SAR Team members, Outdoor Adventure Guides, Ski Industry professionals and Emergency Service Providers that find themselves interacting with friends or family members during searches, rescues or recoveries.

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